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 The Rules of the Forum

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The Rules of the Forum Empty
PostSubject: The Rules of the Forum   The Rules of the Forum Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 11:00 pm

Rule 1!

NO GODMODDING -.- Nothing invincible, immortal, etc. Everything and Everyone CAN be beaten.

Rule 2!

Follow the words of the admins and mods, they are there for a reason. We're here to help, AND keep everyone under control and happy. I've seen some good sites go down because of ignorance and stubborness. Don't let it happen here.

Rule 3!

FOLLOW THE RULES! without rules we'll get chaos. chaos = Dead site. I think everyone should know that though.

Rule 4!

Use the templates! it makes it much easier for mods and admins to approve, and it's neater.

Rule 5!

Keep cursing to PG-13. if you wanna know what that means, ask Bakura.

Rule 6!

NO FLAMING! which means no personal attacks to people. you can be as mean as you want IN CHARACTER, but OUT OF CHARACTER TRY TO BE NICE DANGIT! o.- (yes, yes I just sorta broke that, but it was in the purpose to make sure EVERYONE gets the point :3)

Rule 7!

NO SPAMMING! Keep track of the conversation. don't stray to far from the topic. OR, if theres too much spam, we'll just lock the topic. ^_^ wouldn't want that, would we?


Don't copy other peoples decks, because then your taking the fun out of it for them, ok? so Don't copy, its bad.

Admins Do not need Approval until i say...and i say no at the moment...


I got no more rules for now, but if any admins want to add anything, feel free to edit. also, if you aren't an admin, and you think you have a good suggestion, PM me or Bakura.

Admins- I ask that any edits please be made in another color.
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The Rules of the Forum
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