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 Forbidden/Limited/Semi-Limited Lists

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PostSubject: Forbidden/Limited/Semi-Limited Lists   Thu Jun 26, 2008 7:41 pm

Yes, this Forum runs on teh Advanced Rules, and you cannot play Traditional without your opponents permission. Ok, Foribidden means you are not aloud to use the card. Limited means you are only aloud one of the card in your deck. Semi-Limited means your aloud two. good? got it?

Admins may ignore the Forbidden List, For Admins, all Forbidden cards become Unlimited.

Forbidden List

Limited List

Semi-Limited List

Unique Cards:
Unique cards are cards that nobody but the original owner may have.
To get your own list, PM an Admin to get the cards added.

Yami Bakura Unique Cards:
Yubel-Terror Incarnate
Yubel-Ultimate Nightmare
Evil Hero Malicious Fiend
Evil Hero Dark Gaia

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Forbidden/Limited/Semi-Limited Lists
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