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 Marrien "Mare" Anchetta

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PostSubject: Marrien "Mare" Anchetta   Marrien "Mare" Anchetta Icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2008 11:02 am


Marrien "Mare" Anchetta

Age: 17

Looks: Mare has deep, emerald colored eyes that are normally very secretive and scarcely flashy with her emotions. She has pale, smooth skin that is only very lightly tanned. Her hair is a dark auburn color that goes down to her lower back and her bangs are long to the point of lightly covering her eyes and falling past her jaw line. Mare's outfit normally consists of a white dress that goes down to her calves. Around her neck, there is a thick black collar and another strip of thick, black material at her waist. On her feet, Mare will normally wear a light pair of matching sandals or slip on shoes, depending on the occasion.

Personality: Mare has a natrually curious personality, though she'll most likely keep to herself. She has a slight distaste for speaking in front of or to large groups of people. Normally, she'll be curtious towards people when she first meets them, though if she develops a sour first impression, most likely she'll treat them just as sourly. She's not afraid to tell people what she thinks and can be very outspoken at times, almost to the point where people dont think she thinks before she speaks. Though on the contrary, Mare is very careful with her word choices. She tends to think of others before she does herself, though at times she may harbor a slightly snobbish or annoyed attitude. She's a very real and down to earth person and hates over dramatizing situations. Though Mare never shows it, helping those around her is her main goal in life. She basically hides her softer and more perceptive side with a somewhat cocky and cool headed personality.

Likes: Reading books and writing in her spare time. She enjoys music that she can feel. At times, Mare is also a hopeless romantic, so she loves daydreaming and romance, preferably novels and songs. She likes winning, be it duels or arguments, she loves the spotlight.

Dislikes: Mare hates major change. Though she can adapt well, she prefers things she's more comfortable with. She hates being talked down to and doesn't like it when people treat her like a child. She's not at all fond of liars and people who are overdramatic. Loosing or not doing her best is also a peeve of hers.

History: Mare was born to a young couple that lived in a small town. They were very poor to start out with and never went many places. Mare's father taught her how to duel with his simple deck. Being taught at a young age, she was able to pick up quickly and develop her own methods of dueling as she grew older. It wasn't long before she out dueled both her father and her mother. Taking inititative at the age of twelve, Mare fought in duels for prize money to help her family. Though she was an only child, Mare knew she was a handful to her also young parents. Together they dueled to keep their poor, yet steady lives on a good track.

As most kids did, Mare went to school and got a good education. She learned quickly, as usual, and enjoyed it unlike the rest of her classmates. She was interested in all of her subjects. Though she was never the number one student, Mare always ranked in the top five of her class. Along with school and dueling for money, Mare worked odd jobs for her neighbors and family friends that lived in the city. Secretly, she kept a stash of money that she saved to live on her own one day. As much as she loved her parents, it was hard to be a burden on them and it tore her up to see them scrape by because of her.

At the age of fifteen, Mare had saved up enough cash to afford a small apartment home on the outside of the city. Luckily, it was close to her school still. Though Mare's parents were saddened to see her leave, they respected her choice and reassured their daughter that their home was still hers and always open in case she needed help.

Today, at seventeen years old, Mare still lives in the same little apartment and still attends school, though she will be ending soon. To earn money, she continues to duel for small cash prizes and works at a local library to keep her living.


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PostSubject: Re: Marrien "Mare" Anchetta   Marrien "Mare" Anchetta Icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2008 5:31 pm


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Marrien "Mare" Anchetta
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