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 Kilru the "Lone Wolf" (metaphor)

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Kilru the "Lone Wolf" (metaphor) Empty
PostSubject: Kilru the "Lone Wolf" (metaphor)   Kilru the "Lone Wolf" (metaphor) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2008 9:10 pm



Age: 17

Looks: Kilru has brown hair and has serious brown eyes. Even though he is rich he chooses to wear a brown shirt and jeans. He stands at Five foot Seven (5' 7") and usually wears black shoes. He has a scar on his left eye due to surgery he had as an infant. He has an emotionless/serious face that could intimidate people in real life. He wears a silver ring on his left hand with a black gem in the middle. He wears this on his middle finger.

Personality: Kilru usually acts emotionless and nonchalant due to the fact he grew up alone as a child. If he had friends he would act normally and have fun.When there is a girl he likes he gets nervous and becomes more quiet...which hard to believe becuase he barely ever talks.Even though quiet he will speak his mind.

Likes: He like Duel Monsters, Jujitsu and girls.(He doesn't let on but that's his favorite subject). Donating money to charity.

Dislikes People who pretend to be someone they're not,backstabbers and those who can help but don't. Even though quiet he will speak his mind.

History: Born with a tumor he had brain surgery at his birth. Even though they took out the tumor the left a scar on his eye. Kilru had rich parents who probably only cared about him until he was five. That is why he survived the brain surgery.But when he entered school he became a loner since he believed if his parents didn't want him noone would. If it were not for one day he would not be a duelist like he is today.

His birthday came and his grandfather had given him jujitsu lessons but he always became angry when he didn't do the move right the first time.This is when his grandfather introduced him to dueling. He then became more calm in jujitsu...which was also his dueling style.He became a prodigy of all his grandfather's students...in jujitsu and duel monsters.

He competed in tournaments and always won money. Even though his parents are rich he is to from alll the batttles he has one.When he is 21 he plans to move out and by a mansion bigger than his parents.He will also let his friends stay for free if they want....that's of course if he makes friends.That;s why he'll ket his friends stay...so people that actually care about him are near instead of people like his parents. His grnadfather is also going to move with him...his grandfather was the person who raised him.

Pics: (Sorry about the size)

Kilru the "Lone Wolf" (metaphor) Anotherpic
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Kilru the "Lone Wolf" (metaphor) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kilru the "Lone Wolf" (metaphor)   Kilru the "Lone Wolf" (metaphor) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2008 9:13 pm


Kilru the "Lone Wolf" (metaphor) Bakurasiggy
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Kilru the "Lone Wolf" (metaphor)
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