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 matthew rodriguez the 13th

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PostSubject: matthew rodriguez the 13th   matthew rodriguez the 13th Icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2008 11:55 pm


matthew rodriguez the 13th (also known as matt)

Age: 16

Looks: he has brown spiky hair. he also has brown eyes, and always has head phones connecting to some kind of electronic device playing music 24/7. he wears a white under shirt. with a fluffy beige jacket aloung with regular blue jeans and black converse shoes.

Personality: he is very omtimistic enless there in really bad times. he will usually be smiling no matter what enless the situiation is sad or dire.

Likes: he likes eating, dueling, sleeping, and eating

Dislikes: annoying girls who wont leave people alone

History: when he was a little kid his uncle gave him a baby dragon card for his birthday. starting that day he had been getting cards and dueling. when he got the card he had automatically deicided that he would start building a dragon deck and make it perfect. through the years he has had many wins....along with many faliures. but growing up he was always dueling his friends and random kids in the streets. he is always out and walking about. when he was a kid he lived on a island of hispanic origin. he knows the whole spanish language but chooses to speak english for the sake of people understanding him. he moved away because his father needed a better chance to get a good job.

Pics: matthew rodriguez the 13th Goku_02a

matthew rodriguez the 13th 1148664945

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PostSubject: Re: matthew rodriguez the 13th   matthew rodriguez the 13th Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 5:44 am

it'll do. approved.
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matthew rodriguez the 13th
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