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 Catastrophe Demons

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PostSubject: Catastrophe Demons   Catastrophe Demons Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 7:36 am

Catastrophe Demons Create15

Catastrophe Demons Create16

Catastrophe Demons Create17

Catastrophe Demons Create18

Catastrophe Demons Create19

Melnagia's effect: This card may not be normal summoned or set. This card may only be special summoned by tributing 3 fiend type monsters. The tributed monsters are removed from play. Every time this monster destroys another monster, the other monster is removed from play. This card cannot be destroyed by the effect of a spell, trap, or monster. You may tribute this monster to remove the top 10 cards of your opponents deck from play, along with the top 5 of your deck. your opponent receives 100 damage for each monster destroyed by the above effect.
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Catastrophe Demons
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