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 michael marusich not finished

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PostSubject: michael marusich not finished   michael marusich not finished Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2008 5:44 am


Michael Marusich

Age: 12

Looks: Michael has black hair, he has a fringe that goes down to his eyebrows. but behind the fringe the hair is all spiky and messy(like a muzza). he has light blue eyes and black eyebrows. his skin is a little tanned, he ussualy wears a fluro blue t-shirt, and black phat pants with red reflective slames near the cuffs. michael never wears socks, and ussualy wears white nike airs. michael wears black gloves on each hand, and on each glove is a flaming skull.

Personality: xatari tries to always be happy and likes to make friends with people. he does not like to lose so that means he would never accept defeat and will push himself to his full extent to win a duel. and because he likes winning that means he likes to duel and is always happy when someone wants to duel him. when xatari loses he would punish himself by training for 3 days straight then once again duel his opponent and will keep on doing this until he won. the days that he trains for can be varied by how much he lost the battle by. xatari gets angry when he loses and will go crazy if he loses badly, sometimes when hes losing he attacks recklesely and doesnt defend leaving heaps of blind spots. he sometimes becomes arrogant when hes losing and makes up excuses so that he doesn't feel embarrased.

Likes: Winning, Dueling, Muzzas, Making friends, and creating new decks

Dislikes: Losing, Violence and punks

History: Michael was born on the 27th of may 1996. he was born in australia. ever since michael was little, he and his borther would always have duels. at the end of the day they would have played around 10 games. when michael was 5 he created his own deck using cards that he found in the
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michael marusich not finished
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