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 C'mon! Duel Me!

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PostSubject: C'mon! Duel Me!   C'mon! Duel Me! Icon_minitimeWed Aug 06, 2008 2:28 pm

Hey all, I just got Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2007 for the DS, Who wants to fall victim to my "Devistating Toons" deck?? Actualy...I am really bad, I've won one Wi-Fi duel and got 80 Ranking Points...then I lost and they were taken away from me, but seriously who wants to duel?

Friend Code:
0044 4842 9057

My real name is Austin, and that is my name in the game. So anyway, I'm gonna be on vacation in literaly 30 minutes, gonna be in a hotel, dunno if I'll get to the computer so yeah...I'll be gone for a few days
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C'mon! Duel Me!
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