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 Cyberdark Factory (sorry I have no pic)

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PostSubject: Cyberdark Factory (sorry I have no pic)   Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:14 pm

Card Name: Cyberdark Factory

Card Type: Spell

Attribute: Spell

Type: Spell card

Effect: Pay half your life point to play this card. Then increase your life points by 500 x the number of monster with 'Cyberdark' or 'Cyber' in their name that you have on the field or in your graveyard. Your opponent the selects and activates one of the following effects
*Both players summon any monsters with 'Cyber' or 'Cyberdark' in their name that they can from their hand and those monster can attack directly the first time they attack.
*Both players search their decks for any monster with 'Cyber' or 'Cyberdark' in their name and sends them to the graveyard.
*The controller of this card may special summon any one monster from their deck or fusion deck as long as that monster has the word 'Cyber' or 'Cyberdark' in its name.
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Cyberdark Factory (sorry I have no pic)
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