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 Vaughn "The Shroud"

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PostSubject: Vaughn "The Shroud"   Vaughn "The Shroud" Icon_minitimeSat Dec 11, 2010 6:56 pm



Age: 21

Looks: Vaughn wears pretty basic normal clothes (a sign of where he grew up) He wears a black shirt and a pair of slightly faded navy jeans. He sometimes wears a cloak which earned him the name "The Shroud" He uses a Kaiba Corp. Mass Production Disk which he has had since he first began dueling. He he has modified the feel in the disk to make the monsters he summons solid increasing the pain felt when they attack much greater.

Personality: Vaughn is actually a pretty nice guy once you get to know him. He cares greatly for those he knows and will protect them at any cost. In a duel he never holds anything back.

Likes: Dueling, Women, Eating.

Dislikes: Pride, ill will, and any other negative feelings.

History: Vaughn grew up in a poor neighborhood where dueling was looked down upon due to the fact that money was tight and spent only on money. one day a traveling Turbo duelist came to their neighborhood and taught some of the kids how to duel. Before leaving Vaughn caught up to him and told the man how his greatest dream was to become a top duelist. The man saw a fire in Vaughn's eyes and gave him his first two cards, Blackwing-Shura the Blue Flame. This spurred Vaughn to become even better at dueling and he began sneaking around to collect cards. After 5 years the now thirteen year old Vaughn had put a ragtag deck together and set his sights on a new goal, making a duel runner. He knew this would be much harder to do so he began reading articles on Duel Runners from old magazines he could find in the garbage.
The task took him another three years but he finally got a slow going Runner together, it was nothing to brag about but he was happy. He soon began taking it out into nearby cities to duel other people. He was extremely skilled and knew how to make the best of his deck. He was quickly found by a man who was scouting for new, strong duelists and choose to sponsor Vaughn.
Vaughn rose through the ranks and soon became a top ranked duelist. Things were on his side until he realized he wanted more, he wanted to have his freedom back. One night he decided to leave his glamorous life behind with his new, stronger deck and his faster Duel Runner.

Pics: Vaughn
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Vaughn "The Shroud"
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