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 Jeremias Ravencourt

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PostSubject: Jeremias Ravencourt   Jeremias Ravencourt Icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2012 2:12 am

Jeremias Ravencourt

Age: 20

Looks: He has short, messy light-brown hair with night blue eyes and a slightly ornate ring on his left hand ring-finger. He is usually (read: all the time) seen wearing a white suit with tiny flame cufflinks and a pair of violet-tinted sunglasses. His shoes are the same color as his suit, and just as fancy. His clothes are top-of-the-line. He was able to afford them with the tourney winnings he had accumulated over the years. He also tends to wear a white overcoat when it gets cold. He will wear his suit anytime of the year, even at the height of Summer. For a duel disk he uses a chaos disk, as that seems to suit him, neither light nor dark, but something else altogether.

Personality: Quite upbeat, he tends to keep a smile on his face when others would frown. He is not easily intimidated, and loves to stand up for what he thinks is right. He keeps his suit spotless not out because he was arrogant but because he was obsessive compulsive in regards to cleanliness where his clothes were concerned, well, anything above his shoes, since shoes will get dirty no matter what you do. He likes to bask in light because he feels it burns away any darkness within him. He is the closest most people get to seeing a saint, although he is far from selfless.

Likes: Dueling, Light, Stories, Duel Monsters Cards, Nature

Dislikes: People doing things for no reason, bad storytellers

History: Jeremias is not exactly normal. When he was young, he was given his first pack of cards and he has been hooked ever since. One major difference between him and others is that he had a natural aptitude for dueling, and so as he grew up he never lost a single duel. It was just after he won a regional tournament that a man approached him from Industrial Illusions and gave him a deck of cards they wanted him to try out for them, seeing as it was the prize for winning the contest of skills, and he readily agreed, seeing the cards they wanted him to use. Fabled monsters. Fiends of the light attribute, strangely enough, but they suited him perfectly. He was fourteen at the time. And so, after winning a few more tourneys, he took to the nationals and won using the deck II (Industrial Illusions) had given him proving that they were good enough for pro's, despite getting mocked when he played his first monster because of their sometimes goofy appearance. His deck was quite strong, and possessed a new type of monster that was unseen before: Xyz. He used his new Xyz card to devastate his opponents as well as his ace: the Fabled Leviathan. He was very happy with his deck, and because he had advertised them so well, Pegasus let him keep the cards and so he went on his way.

When he turned 15, he went abroad looking for more opponents to duel and met many different people along the way, even catching sight of Yugi Moto at one point. When he went home at 16 1/2 years of age, he entered college and worked for 3 years toward earning a degree in teaching. He managed to graduate early and got a Master in Dueling which he uses to teach others how to duel. Because he went to school for about three years, he was "off the grid" as some say, so people forgot about him, but he was no less fierce an opponent and his classmates were quick to agree. And so, when he returned to the "real world" he started traveling from school to school giving seminars on dueling, and presentations.
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Jeremias Ravencourt
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