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 Alphonse Van Eldereckson THE THIRD

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PostSubject: Alphonse Van Eldereckson THE THIRD   Alphonse Van Eldereckson THE THIRD Icon_minitimeThu Jun 26, 2008 6:09 am


Alphonse Van Eldereckson III (nickname: Al)

Age: 20

Looks: He looks young for his age, but doesn't mind. He has short-medium length blue hair, and pale yellow eyes. He usually wears a dark black coat with black fur around the caller. He also wears dark, baggy blue jeans, and almost always looks like he's bored.

Personality: Alphonse is laid back and relaxed, and nearly always is bored, except while dueling. He always gets joy out of dueling, win or lose.

Likes: Dueling, new things, relaxing, peace, and uniqueness.

Dislikes: He somewhat dislikes losing, and dislikes chaos, interruptions, anyone who forfeits a duel, goody goodies, and everything being the same.

History: Alphonse Van Eldereckson III was raised in a wealthy family, and taught to duel from a young age. He hated his teacher, and so he'd use the most embarassing and slow methods he could think of to beat his teacher. of Course, after a while he just stopped caring, and stopped dueling for a long time. His family dis-owned him, and he started dueling on the streets for the things he needed. He'd win some, lose some. By the time he was 14, he had grown a reputation as the youngest home-owner around. He had acquired the deed to a house during a duel with an over-confident amateur duelist. He was enjoying a relaxing Sunday after-noon, two men in dark suits came in and ransacked his house, while he sat in shock on the couch. After they had taken all but one of his decks, they told him they were under orders to do it. They also had been permitted to use force if necessary. He just sighed and took his last deck with him as he walked out the door, dumping the deed to the house in the hands of the previous owner. He is now searching for the company that ruthlessly stole nearly all his cards.

Pics: Alphonse Van Eldereckson THE THIRD L_9124bbb6080129af130d40d993e40a-1

It looks like a cross between sasori and mello, W/E
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Alphonse Van Eldereckson THE THIRD
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